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insuranceThe insurance industry plays a pivotal role in maintaining the high standard of living UK citizens have become accustomed to. When unexpected accidents cripple families and businesses, the insurance industry acts as a safety net that provides a financial lifeline to help those affected get back on their feet. As of 2012, the insurance industry pays out nearly £10m to households daily.

Car insurance

car-insuranceThe average annual cost of a comprehensive care insurance quote fell approximately 10% in July year-over-year. This is the biggest one-year decrease in premiums since the AA began tracking car insurance prices in 1994. With car insurance premiums at the their most affordable levels in years, discover what car insurance policy is suitable for you.

Home insurance

mortgages-iconAccording to research performed in 2011, a quarter of home insurance policyholders underestimated the value of their contents. Approximately 20% of homeowners also have no home contents insurance. Learn how to ensure suitable coverage for your home and its contents.

Life insurance

life-insuranceThe number of complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) regarding whole-of-life insurance policies increased by 26% in 2012. Learn what you are entitled to under your specific life insurance policy.


Travel insurance

travel-insuranceWould you go on vacation without your passport and tickets? Unfortunately, many UK travellers do not adopt the same attitude with travel insurance. In 2018, approximately 25% of travellers holidaying abroad did not have travel insurance. Learn the benefits of travel insurance and why you should be insured while vacationing.

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