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It can be hard to navigate the many paths and choices you are faced with during life’s critical financial decisions. Learn how to make smart and informed financial decisions by browsing our various consumer guides.

Latest News

FCA Takes Over Payday Loans Regulation

The Financial Conduct Authority has officially taken over the regulation of the £200 billion consumer credit market. Consumers are now better protected under the FCA’s new rules and regulations for businesses offering credit, which includes payday lenders. The takeover was preceded by the OFT’s investigation into the practices of many of the top payday companies. As the number of payday loans has boomed over the past several years, so has the number of complaints received — a 2,529% increase between 2008 and 2011 — due to unscrupulous behaviour by many lenders. Read more about the crackdown on payday loans in our industry report and see what the FCA’s takeover means for the payday industry in our blog post.

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