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All about advanced driving courses

Police aren’t the only ones that take advanced driving courses. In fact, most people can save money, reduce their environmental impact, and become much safer drivers with some additional training.

Let’s examine the benefits of advanced driving courses and take a look some courses that are available in the UK.

Reduce your motoring costs

Advanced driving courses are open to anyone with a full UK driving license who wants to improve their anticipation skills, reduce excess braking and acceleration that leads to wasted fuel, and lower their car insurance premiums.

Most people also hope that teaching more and more drivers how to understand the road ahead will reduce the number of accidents as well.

In addition to these benefits, many car insurance providers offer significant discounts to drivers that are able to demonstrate that they have taken action to improve their driving skills.

While new drivers may be able to benefit from the PassPlus scheme offered by the Driving Standards Agency, anyone can benefit from taking one of the accredited advanced driving courses below.

Institute of advanced motorists

The Institute of Advanced Motorists, or IAM, provides one of the most well-known and respected advanced driving courses in the UK.

The course strives to improve every facet of a person’s driving, while saving them money and fuel in the process. IAM’s advanced driving course leads up to an advanced driving test, allowing you to become an IAM member if you pass.

Most people choose the Skill for Life programme, which comes with an initial assessment of your driving skills as well as a one-year IAM membership, and coverage for all of the course and test fees.

In the course, you will be trained by IAM volunteers, and when you have learned enough, you can take the advanced driving test. The test typically takes place in your own vehicle. The examiner will assess different aspects of the driving experience, such as smoothness, safety, and positioning. A passing grade will also allow you to receive a nice discount on your car insurance.


According to statistics from the Royal Association for the Prevention of Accidents, drivers who have taken an advanced driving course are 25 percent less likely to experience an accident.

RoSPA’s advanced driving course utilises local groups around the UK to provide free training for drivers. This means that you will only be required to pay for the actual test, which only cost £48 for drivers over 26 years of age and £41 for drivers under 26 years old. You will be assigned a tutor who will regularly give you lessons until you are prepared for the test. Upon passing, you will automatically receive a RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders membership.

Members receive a myriad of benefits, such as discounts on car insurance premiums, satellite navigation systems, and Halfords products.


Through the organisation’s BSM driving school, RAC provides you with the opportunity to improve your driving skills through advanced education.

At first, you will be required to attend a short, two-hour introductory session, which will allow the instructor to assess your driving skills and develop tailored lessons at a reasonable rate of £27 an hour.

Although the BSM driving school provides cars for every student, it is a wise idea to use your own car for the sessions, because familiarity with the vehicle will make it easier to concentrate on learning the advanced driving techniques.

The advanced driving test at the end of the course takes approximately 90 minutes to finish, and in addition to being tested on a variety of roads, you will also need to perform an emergency stop and a reversing maneuver.

When the test concludes, you will receive a silver, gold, or platinum qualification grade. Depending on the grade you receive, you will be required to take a re-test every two or three years.

By passing this course, you may also become eligible for valuable car insurance discounts that can save you hundreds of pounds each year.

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