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Mar 17, 2018
Most Promising Television Programmes of 2018

true-detectiveTelevision, once the platform for starry-eyed Hollywood hopefuls and actors in the twilight of their careers, is now attracting the best talent in the industry. From the Cohen brothers to Matthew McConaughey, more and more A-list stars are appearing on the small screen.

True Detective, the eerie redneck crime drama featuring McConaughey, and Spoils of Babylon, the Will Ferrell-led comedy miniseries, have already kicked off the 2018 television season with a bang, but what other promising television programmes does the small screen have in store for us this year?

Let’s just say, if you have plans in the coming months, you may want to schedule in some free time in front of the television, because there are some programmes that already seem to be worthy of the “Must Watch” title.

Babylon – Debuted 9th February on Channel 4

As many of you already know, Babylon is in full swing, winning over audiences across much of the UK. Labeled as a “comedy drama” by Channel 4, Babylon is more akin to a dark comedy bordering on satire as the show grittily depicts the trials and tribulations of a fictionalised London police force.

The cast of Babylon alone is enough to be excited about. Featuring Black Mirror and Skins actor Daniel Kaluuya as well as the ever-present Paterson Joseph, the show’s acting is top-notch. However, it’s the programme’s creative talent that’s really exciting as Danny Boyle returns to the small screen for the first time in nearly 20 years to direct the show.

Now a month in and keeping millions of Britons glued to their seats every week, it appears the anticipated programme is firing on all cylinders.

Fargo – Debuting 15th April on FX

Anything from the Cohen brothers is an obvious no-brainer. As executive producers of the television adaptation of their 1996 cult film hit Fargo, the Cohen brothers are sure to bring their unique sense of humour to the small screen.

Coupled with the fact that Martin Freeman will be starring in the lead role and Breaking Bad director Adam Bernstein directed the pilot, Fargo will definitely be “must see TV.” However, high-caliber actors like Billy Bob Thornton, Oliver Platt, and Colin Hanks should definitely put the show over the top.

The programme will follow the anthology route of popular shows like American Horror Story. Thornton’s character will be a drifter who causes mischief and mayhem for Freeman’s character, who’s an insurance salesman in a small North Dakota town. One thing’s for sure, Fargo will be the topic of conversations come April. Let’s just hope it makes its way across the pond.

Penny Dreadful – Debuting 11th May on Showtime

British horror fans have plenty to look forward to in May as Penny Dreadful will begin airing on Sky Atlantic not long after its US run. The programme not only seems well-crafted, but it looks absolutely nuts as well.

Taking place in Victorian England, the show features Dracula, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein’s monster, and other notable names in Gothic literature. This alone should be reason enough to watch, but it’s the names behind the characters that can’t be ignored.

Created by the same duo behind Skyfall, the anticipated programme has also drawn the likes of Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Rory Kinnear, and Billie Piper to play the vampires, ghosts, and dopplegangers made famous around the world. With this much talent behind and in front of the camera, it’s safe to say that Penny Dreadful will be a show to watch in 2018.

Fortitude – Debuting in the Fall on Sky Atlantic

The history behind the making of Fortitude is a troubled one. It was originally announced as a joint venture between Starz and Sky Atlantic in April 2018. However, the American network pulled out of the project in December 2018 to focus on producing its own series, leaving Sky Atlantic with the tab.

Fortunately for us, not only did Sky Atlantic decide to continue on with the project, but it put together perhaps the best TV cast of the season. Starring Stanley Tucci, Sofie Grabol, Michael Gambon, Jessica Raine, Christopher Eccleston, Richard Dormer, and Luke Treadaway, the series revolves around a murder in a small Arctic Circle town.

Although the writer and creator of the show, Simon Donald, isn’t exactly a confidence boost, the programme has so much going for it that the sum could easily be greater than its parts. If Donald can pull it off, Fortitude may be one of the most talked about shows of the fall season.

With big names, bigger budgets, and a growing list of networks producing quality programmes, television has never been better. There are plenty of other new shows that may surprise us this year, but chances are one of the programmes above will become this year’s House of Cards or Game of Thrones. We’ll just have to wait to see which one!

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