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Dec 11, 2018
Christmas gifts that won’t break your purse

christmas giftWith inflation skyrocketing across the UK, the prices of consumer goods are climbing higher and higher. When stagnant wages are added to the mix, shopping for Christmas gifts is more challenging now than ever before.

Smart Christmas gifts that won’t break your purse can be difficult to find, especially if you are buying gifts for someone that already seems to have everything, or you simply have no idea what to get someone this Christmas holiday. Thankfully, this list is complete with some great gift ideas, and most will work for guys and girls alike. So, regardless of who you are shopping for, this list has you covered.


The majority of people are genuinely happy receiving their favorite movie or TV series as a Christmas gift. If you choose a person’s favorite movie or one that suits their taste, it will be sure to please. DVD’s range in price, but they start as low as a few pounds, making them a terrific gift if you are one of many Britons on a shoestring budget this Christmas. Since they are widely available almost anywhere, finding the right flick will be no problem at all.

Gift Cards

Many people purchase gift cards as a last resort, because they are not very creative or personal. However, gift cards can be an ideal Christmas gift and people generally love to receive them, because gift cards can be used to purchase whatever they want. For those without a job, college students, or others on a tight budget, a gift card is the best possible gift. Not only are they easy to shop for and inexpensive, depending on how much you choose to put on them, but gift cards are easy to travel with as well.

Charm Bracelet

For the women on your Christmas list, charm bracelets can be an emotional and personal gift. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, there are hundreds of charms to choose from, meaning you can choose charms that signify events that are very personal to them. Also, you can simply purchase the person new charms as gifts each and every Christmas, making them a budget-friendly and prudent gift option that will provide years of enjoyment.


Books may not necessarily be the most fun gift for a person to receive, but the bookworms in your life will love them more than a new iPhone, well maybe. If you do not know what types of books they like to read, you can opt for a bookstore gift card, which they are sure to love. Since many people now use iPads or Kindle’s, an iTunes gift card may be a wise choice as well. Best of all, books are one gift that definitely won’t break the purse.

Coffee Gift Basket

If you have a coffee drinker or two on your list, a coffee gift basket is a thoughtful and creative gift that will definitely be appreciated. However, do not buy a pre-made gift basket. Instead, make your own and add your personality to it. Inside the basket, you can include a mixture of coffee blends, coffee syrups, creamers, hot cocoa mixes, chocolate bars, cinnamon stocks, and a variety of other inexpensive but delightful items. Throw in a cute cup and you are all set.

Hobby Supplies

Does someone on your list have a favorite hobby? Then consider putting together a hobby bag filled with supplies they will use and enjoy. Whether a person likes painting, woodworking, crocheting, or any other hobby of the sort, you can put inexpensive things in a bag you know they will use time and time again.

Gym Membership

Obviously, you will want to tread with care when going with this gift idea. Since some people may take offence, make sure it is something that they have talked about wanting. However, most people would love a gym membership, but since a yearly membership can be costly, only buy a one month membership. Not only will it cost you significantly less, but they can use it to test out a gym and purchase a longer membership if they like going.

Magazine Subscription

This is a fantastic gift idea. Most people would love to receive their favorite magazine month after month, but they never think to purchase them. So, pay for a yearly subscription to a magazine you know the person will truly enjoy reading. It is an inexpensive gift that they will enjoy all year long.

Armed with this list of inexpensive and incredible gift ideas, you will have no problem buying the perfect gifts for all of your friends and family this Christmas. Remember, you do not have to break your purse buying expensive gifts just to show you care. There are a myriad of creative gift ideas that will put a smile on everyone’s face this Christmas holiday.

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